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Energy Rating

Star Ratings for residential houses, apartments, extensions and renovations.

DtS Reports

Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) reports for commercial and residential projects. Compliance with the DtS Provisions of the NCC.

Energy Efficiency Consulting

Advice on energy efficient appliances, glazing, insulation, shading devices etc. to improve your overall energy consumption and/or achieve the required star rating for your project.


Our services in detail

Energy Rating Reports:

All new houses, extensions and alterations need to comply with the Energy Efficiency provisions of the National Construction Code (NCC). Our energy rating reports evaluates how well your project fulfills those provisions by calculating the heat and cooling loads per year. All states and territories have slightly different provisions and/or applicable concessions due to local jurisdictions and climate zones.

Once provided with your project’s documentation incl. architectural plans and project specification, our energy rating reports will evaluate how your new home will perform against the provisions of the NCC. 

Section J Reports (or Part J Report - commercial):

A section J report evaluates a building against the energy efficiency requirements for Class 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 buildings (commercial) of Volume One of the National Construction Code (NCC) and is required for commercial projects.

The Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) provisions of Section J of the NCC Vol. 1 establish the minimum requirements for the building envelope such as roof and wall insulation, glazing systems, shading and climate zone.

Energy Efficiency Consultation:

If your initial design does not meet the minimum requirements within your area, we are able to assess the proposed glazing system, insulation, wall systems, shading devices and orientation of your building and propose the most cost-effective solution to get your project underway.

About Us

Green Star Ratings is based in Melbourne and accredited with ABSA since 2018. We are dedicated to provide the best service while helping you with your building permit approval. Our experience in the construction industry and knowledge of energy efficiency and government regulations enables us to achieve the best result for you and your projects. 

We help architects, building designers, builders and owner builders, and are always delivering a high quality and straight forward service to achieve the best possible outcome for a project. 

All our reports include required certificates and stamps to obtain your building permit in all states and territories.

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